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Why is pay in advance ?

Payment in advance is required because the IMEI unlock is permanent. That simply mean, if we unlock your iPhone, and you decide not to pay, you will get unlocked iPhone and we will lose money.

What if unlock is not successful ?

Probability of unsuccessful unlocking is less than 1%. In that case, your paid money will be fully refunded. We can also offer other forms of unlocking, which could be acceptable for you.

Why should I trust you ?

We have been in unlockig business for seven years. We have never we never mislead or lie to the customer. You will not find even one negative reference to our site on internet. Our motto is honesty and transparency.

Where can I find IMEI in my iPhone ?

iPhone IMEI can be found directly in the iPhone settings. We have prepared a short video guides for how to find IMEI. Never send IMEI from the box or warranty card. It may be different from what it is in fact the iPhone.
Video guides.

I know the IMEI, but I do not know carrier.

Not a problem. In the form write requests that you do not know the IMEI. We will check the IMEI and we will send you a offer to your email, or you can purchase a service for carrier finding  

Why are you operating just online ?

Online store reduces our costs. Lower costs can reduce the price for unlocking we offer. Unlocking via IMEI will be performed electronically, and for this reason, it is not necessary physical contact with iPhones and customers. If the customer requires contact, we have a branch in Bratislava.